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Why Tint My Windows?

Window film is a micro-thin polyester that is designed to shield your home, your car, or any building from the intense heat, glare, and UV rays of the sun. All our window films block out 99% of the damaging ultraviolet rays that contribute to fading of costly fabrics and leather interiors of your automobile, home or business. UV rays have also been shown to cause skin cancer and other skin and eye problems.
The Suntek Carbon  UV Shield is expertly crafted to protect you and your passengers from the dangers of damaging UV rays and other on-the-road hazards. The UV Shield blocks out a full 99.9% of the sun's dangerous ultraviolet rays - rays that are linked to skin cancer and other skin related problem.

Make the Comfortable Choice!
With any SunTek Window Film product you can say goodbye to heat build-up and glare within your vehicle and ride more comfortably on even the hottest day.
Get just the look you want, from virtually transparent to Limo Dark we have  many hues that work to enhance every vehicle.

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Welcome to Tint Masters Window Tinting, LLC. We are proud to offer you Suntek Carbon & CXP Series (Carbon Films). These films are made in the  U.S.A.  and are backed by an excellent  warranty program.  We also carry our Secret Weapon Ceramic Line, hands down the best performing film on the market today.

We are located in Beavercreek, Ohio near the Mall at Fairfield Commons & WPAFB.  

One thing we strive for is to get you scheduled as quick as possible. No waiting  2 - 3  weeks to get your appointment scheduled. In many cases its that day or the next.

 All of our film is Computer Cut  which means no knives on your new vehicle. We are a modern company now offering Nano Carbon& Ceramic. 

Remember don't forget about your windshield! This huge window acts as a magnifying glass letting in tons of heat and UV rays. Adding this film to your vehicle will help keep your car about 20°- 30°  cooler in the summer months. This can help save the dash on that new car you just bought, as well as making your car run more efficiently. This is typically a $120.00 upcharge but well worth it.

Did you just purchase a new truck or SUV with factory tinted windows? We can also add our ceramic coating to your factory tinted windows to drastically reduce the heat inside of your new ride. Ask us for a free demonstration when you check in for your appointment. Check out our Ohio Tint Laws Page.



Commercial & Residential Window Tinting Professionals


When it comes time to save energy costs for your business, look to our expert commercial window tinting providers. Office window tinting can accomplish numerous objectives. Many business owners install commercial tint to achieve comfortable work environments, energy cost reduction, client privacy, aesthetic enhancement and more. The experienced office tinting providers our team has hand-selected are experts at their profession who can impress the savviest of clients.


Personalization goes a long way in a business. So when it comes to office window tinting, we feel it ought to be treated the same way.  Our expert commercial tinting technicians will provide an in-depth pre-install consultation at no additional charge. For something you most certainly plan to keep for a while, isn’t it important to make the best decision.

We are now offering auto glass repair via Kenny's Auto Glass. Please Click the link to the left for more information.